Royal parties


Do you organize parties? See how it’s done royally!

Good royal party is a colourful party, which is always memorable for arrival guests. I know something about this, I am the King!

If you want to surprise your clients with a unique arrangement, using the flying balloons King of Balloons – write or call, and I’ll give you my helium kits in an attractive price from the only bottling plant in Poland using disposable and comfortable steel helium cylinders!

The EXPRESS offer includes disposable cylinders with a capacity of 0.15 m³, 0.23 m³, 0.36 m³ and 0.51 m³, sold in sets with balloons, safe and easy to use reducer and ribbons. Additionally, if you need more helium and balloons, ECO PACK offer you returnable cylinders with a capacity of 0.23 m³, 0.36 m³, 0.42 m³, 0.70 m³ and high-pressure exchangeable cylinders with a capacity of 1.6 m³, 2.0 m³, 4.0 m³ and 9.1 m³. We deliver all products by courier directly from the central warehouse in Poznań. Personal pickup is also possible!


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